Project GreenMoCa: Using Conversational Assistants and Connected Devices to Promote a Responsible Energy Consumption at Home.

Student: Alberto Salas Seguín Advisors: Jesús Fontecha Diezma e Iván González Díaz End of Degree Work: TFG (Computer Engineering) - Score: 7.5/10 Notable (C) Today, households worldwide are being increasingly connected. Mobile devices and embedded systems carry out many tasks supported by applications which are based on artificial

Project MONICA: Power Consumption Monitoring and Actuation in Home Environments

Student: Julia López Sánchez Advisors: Iván González Díaz y José Bravo Rodríguez End of Degree Work: TFG (Computer Engineering) - Score: 9/10 Sobresaliente (A) The energy consumption control through connected systems will make it possible to become aware of the household spending, encouraging more responsible consumption. In this context,