Project GreenMoCa: Using Conversational Assistants and Connected Devices to Promote a Responsible Energy Consumption at Home.

Student: Alberto Salas Seguín
Advisors: Jesús Fontecha Diezma e Iván González Díaz

End of Degree Work: TFG (Computer Engineering) - Score: 7.5/10 Notable (C)

Today, households worldwide are being increasingly connected. Mobile devices and embedded systems carry out many tasks supported by applications which are based on artificial intelligence algorithms with the aim of leading homes to be smarter. One of the purposes of these systems is to connect appliances to the power network, as well as to the Internet to monitor consumption data among others.

In addition, new interaction ways are emerging to manage the systems introduced above. For example, conversational assistants which allow us to interact by voice with devices at home. In this project, we present GreenMoCA, a system to monitor energy consumption data from connected appliances at home with the aim of improving sustainability aspects and reducing such energy consumption, supported by a conversational assistant.

GreenMoCA is able to interact with the user in a natural way, providing information of current energy use and also feedback based on previous consumption measures in a Smart Home environment. Finally, we have assessed GreenMoCA from a Usability and user experience approach on a group of users with positive results.

The final report of the GreenMoCa project is attached below.